Dubrovnik Airport

Many tourists who visit Montenegro choose to fly into Dubrovnik (DBV) airport and rent a car to drive over into Montenegro. The airport is located just a short two hour drive from the coastal resorts of Budva, Perast, and Kotor, and is better connected with many airlines that don’t yet provide service to Montenegro. Since this is such a common occurrence, crossing the border is not a difficult task, provided that visitors have all their rental agreements, and travel documents in order.

Renting a car for a trip to Montenegro is a great idea, as it allows visitors to see this part of the world on one’s own terms, and at one’s own leisure. Traffic between the countries in this region is common, so border crossings should not normally be a problem. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that during the tourist season, Montenegro becomes flooded with tourists and long waits to cross the border are not uncommon. Crossing early in the mornings or late at night is one way to try to beat the crowds.

Dubrovnik airport has just finished construction on a new terminal building located less than a half hour’s drive outside of Dubrovnik on the E65. Dubrovnik airport does have limited parking available, with machines able to process payment by cash and credit cards. Since the parking is so limited—especially in high season—visitors should pre-book their spaces if possible. There is a discount available for pre-booking also.

Public transportation is available at the airport in the forms of taxis, which are located outside the terminal on the curb, and bus services and shuttles also. For travelers looking to get to Dubrovnik, many of the buses only go to the town of Cavtat, where another bus must be taken. Be sure to get on the buses that go all the way to the city to save yourself a transfer.

Inside the airport, there is a change bureau, bank, and post office. Some small restaurants, coffee shops, a duty-free store, and newsstand are also open. The airport also has a lovely garden, which won a beautification award in 2006.

Although there are no hotels directly attached to the airport, there are two located in Cavtat, just a few kilometers away. The Hotel Croatia and Hotel Albatross are the closest ones.